In this article we explain you six tips to make your small bathroom look bigger than it really seems. For some people, bathrooms represent one of the favorite places in the house since they are devoted to perform their beauty rituals, take pleasure baths or simply rest for a while in the tub, completely forgetting all the worries and tasks they have pending.

On the other hand, the bathroom is a place that is used not only by the individuals who live in the residence but also by those who visit the houses.

6 tips to make your bathroom look more spacious

The dream of many is to have one that gives the feeling that it is spacious and comfortable. Did you know that large tiles give a greater sense of spaciousness?Believe it or not, large tiles tend to give a greater sense of spaciousness in the bathroom, while small tiles generate the idea that the person is in a very small space.

1.- If you have a toilet, although this is usually very practical for storing beauty accessories or personal hygiene in the bathroom, it is best to remove it to create a feeling of greater breadth in this site. Also, you must forget about the aerial and wall cabinets because because they are above the waist, often cause the effect that the bathroom space is very small.

2.- Use a transparent glass instead of an opaque one in the bathroom screen because these generate the sensation that you are in a place with much more space.

3.- Although you would like to have all the accessories and personal care and beauty products at your fingertips, so that the bathroom looks like a much bigger place than it really is, the best thing is to have in this place only the most indispensable.

4.- Place the carpet in the bathroom only in the moments when you are going to use it because having it permanently placed, it shows that the floor is small.

5.- Accentuate the widest wall you have in your bathroom, either using paints whose colors are contrasting or a wallpaper that generates the feeling that it is a much wider place.

6.- Don’t use curtains to cover the windows of the bathroom, instead take advantage of the natural light that comes in, which gives the feeling that the place is wider. Also, install LED bulbs, which in addition to generating a brighter light, contribute to energy savings in your home.